UPDATE: #GGGoZero Challenge, The Going Gets Tough

We're in the final days of our office-wide #GGGoZero challenge! 

So far one of the things I have noticed I am struggling with is curbing my sweet tooth and my tendency to make rash decisions. This, however, has allowed me to save SO MUCH money and has also made me overall just healthier in a number of sweets and unhealthy tossable items I was just grabbing off of grocery shelves. 

With the end coming near on our 30-day challenge we will be continuing our eco-habits while always keeping in mind that the trash we toss out doesn't go away! 

Dean: Having a guide like Jordan (our zero waste guru) has really made this whole thing a lot easier since he pretty much knows about every zero-waste alternative. But, packaging and living out on the road has been the biggest struggle with this challenge. This past week when I was out on the road I definitely had to do a lot of pre-planning. So in figuring out what my tendencies are and figuring out 

Charlotte: I love eating produce and the stickers on produce were my biggest challenge. I can combat this by shopping at farmer's markets, which would also help support local farmers. Shipping labels were also a big problem, which made me shop locally for the things I needed instead of going online. 

Maddie: The only things going into my jar are protein bar wrappers ties in produce and the caps on my soy milk and the dental floss. Otherwise, this has been a cool experience for me to see that I'm already not adding much to the landfill. 

Send us questions on the challenge, or even better yet join in on this soical experiment to see if you can be a eco champion before Earth Month is over

Stay tuned for some alternatives and tips on how you can make everyday changes for a better future!