Global Green USA Applauds Mayor Garcetti’s Sustainable City pLAn for Energy & Equity Goals

Los Angeles, CA - “Global Green commends Mayor Garcetti for his bold vision outlined in the City’s first ever sustainability plan. It shows a clear, decisive commitment to making Los Angeles one of the greenest big cities in the country. While there are many strengths to the plan, Global Green especially looks forward to working with Mayor Garcetti to ensure implementation of the ambitious rooftop solar goals that will help bring clean jobs to LA, and avoid sending dirty fossil-fuel jobs out of state,” said Global Green President and CEO Les McCabe. This plan recognizes that sustainability means more than just a healthy environment: It means a healthy economy fueled by green jobs; sustainable communities that foster equity among Angelenos; and resilient neighborhoods that can bounce back in times of crises. The Mayor’s sustainability plan looks at the whole picture for a truly comprehensive sustainable Los Angeles.

“The comprehensive approach this plan takes toward sustainability - through the environment, equity and a sustainable economy makes perfect sense,” said Mary Luevano. “If LA wants to be an "A" student in sustainability they will need to work hard, and Mayor Garcetti has rolled out the lesson plan that will help the city reach that goal."

While the plan is only the first step on a long road, it lays the groundwork for what we as a City need to do to succeed, and sets clear goals to track our progress through the coming years. As the only national environmental organization headquartered in the greater Los Angeles region, Global Green looks forward to working with the City to achieve and even surpass some of the goals, and will aggressively work with the Mayor’s office and key city leaders to ensure LA meets many of the “reach” goals outlined in the plan.

Global Green particularly commends the City on its objectives around:

  • Solar energy and energy-efficiency,
  • Creating more livable and engaged communities,
  • Equity - ensuring that minority and low-income communities are a major beneficiaries of citywide sustainability initiatives

Global Green commends Mayor Garcetti for being the first ever Los Angeles Mayor to create a sustainability plan, and for his ongoing commitment to a greener and more sustainable Los Angeles. We look forward to working with him and other key city leaders to ensure this plan is implemented and has a lasting impact on Los Angeles as an example for megacities everywhere.

Background The City of Los Angeles released the Sustainable City pLAn today, its first sustainability plan, which lays out the City’s environmental and sustainability goals on issues such as water, energy, and waste, as well as topics such as housing and engaged neighborhoods. It sets specific outcomes for 2017, 2025, and 2035.

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