Green School Makeover Competition: The Runners-Up

The competition was tight for our Green School Makeover Competition and our jury deliberated long and hard to select our winner, the Texas School for the Deaf.

These four runners-up were awarded $2,500 towards their proposed sustainability upgrades for their schools:

Garlough Environmental School
St. Paul, MN

- Install a yurt to be used as a teaching space for their multi-cultural nature class 

- Implement a 20-student bicycle-bus to serve as an alternative to school buses

- Install a chicken coop as a complement to the already existing organic garden beds

Heritage Middle School
Berwyn, IL

- Remove disposable products in cafeteria to reusable ones (i.e., silverware, trays, carts) 

- Switch to compact fluorescent lights which use 1/5 less power and have a longer rated life (six to ten times average) 

Samuel Powel Elementary School 
Philadelphia, PA

- Plant an organic vegetable garden to teach children about agriculture, nutrition, and ecology

- Redirect storm water into rain gardens filled with native plants to provide opportunities for learning math, biology, ecology, physics

Zimmerman School House/Abi's Place
Coral Springs, FL 

- Install eco-friendly flooring

- Use of non-toxic paint, flooring and cleaning products 

- Upgrade facilities to enhance education programs on functional activities for daily living

For more green school proposals, see the 10 finalists for the Green School Makeover Competition selected by our jury.