Green Schools: First Steps for Parents

Below, some suggestions for what you can do this week to green your school.

Teach Lessons at Home

Parents are teachers, too! Begin by teaching your kids green living fundamentals at home. Reduce, reuse, and recycle; pack no-waste lunches; turn off lights, computers, game consoles, and TVs when not in use -- each step you take to save resources and make environmentally responsible choices is a good example you are setting for your kids. 

Instruct Kids to Conserve

First simple action in the classroom: Teach kids to turn out the lights when leaving the classroom. And ask teachers/administrators to turn off computers and electronic equipment when not in use. Need a reminder for turning out the lights? Post a reminder near light switches. You can also have your kids use the EPA Climate Calculator 

Call Your School Administrators

Pick up the phone and call your school administration office or the head of the PTA to express interest in learning about the school's green "report card" -- and taking part in helping make a difference. Don't know where to start? Use our checklist of questions to ask.

Write to Your School

Send our letter to school officials, urging them to make your school a green school.

Write to Your Elected Leaders

Contact your local representatives to ask that school budgets are sufficient to cover green school upgrades.

Get Inspired

Find out other ways you can green your school by reading about the projects from the schools in our first Green School Makeover Competition: The Texas School for the Deaf and the runner-up schools. Also read about the projects of our student Citizen Entrepreneurs.

Read Green Books

Our staff members picked favorite green books featuring characters and stories to engage and teach little ones on nature and the environment.