COP21 from the eyes of our CEO, Les McCabe - Day 2

The second day of COP21, the Paris Climate Summit (COP being an abbreviation for Conference Of Parties) begins under a dark cloud brought about by the news that the US Republican-lead Congress has won approval of two measures blocking federal rules to cut power plant emissions and rendering those rules inoperative.  This is absolutely the wrong message to send to countries around the world regarding the American commitment to reduce its impact on global warming, with our nation being the second largest producer of greenhouse gas behind China.

Meanwhile here in Paris today, Tom Vilsack, the US Secretary of Agriculture, spoke alongside his counterparts in Costa Rica, Ireland, and Vietnam, advocating for the need to encourage people to get involved in the field of agriculture and its significant impact on climate, as well as the need to motivate farmers around the world to embrace climate-smart agriculture focused on carbon sequestration in the soil and based upon innovation and technology such as drip irrigation.

On a more positive note, here at La Galerie Des Solutions are a number of international companies on display from a variety of areas including transportation, real estate, construction and energy that all advance responsible business practices.  The firms focus on corporate sustainability by delivering long-term social, environmental and ethical value, following suit with the United Nations Global Compact from July 26, 2000, which calls upon businesses throughout the world to voluntarily align their operations and strategies with ten universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labor, anti-corruption, and the environment.

Historical finger-pointing between environmental organizations and the business community has never accomplished anything except delay the important collaborative dialogue between the two sectors, an essential component in a process of cooperative and collaborative problem solving.  As Global Green USA moves forward in building relationships with strategic business partners, it is with the belief that non-profit organizations like ours must work together with government agencies and the corporate community to solve the problem of climate change.  For this reason, Global Green has reached out only to those companies that embrace innovative climate solutions and which advance best practices in green business.

Despite the actions of certain members of our own government to thwart the President's commitment to mitigate climate change, if non-profit organizations and companies like those represented here at COP21 can come together to create and mobilize members of each sector into creating new initiatives and scaling up existing ones, together we will be the real drivers of sustainability, either with or without the support of Congress.

Earlier today, Mark Zuckerberg announced that he will gradually throughout his lifetime leave 99% of his stock to various charitable organizations, which will hopefully include the environmental arena.  Along with Bill Gates, Mr. Zuckerberg leads by example as a socially responsible corporate chieftain, with others to surely follow.