GHG Reduction Fund Announcement

On June 22nd, the California Strategic Growth Council (SGC) released it's funding recommendations as part of the 2014-2015 Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities program, part of the State's Cap and Trade Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund. As part of the application process, Global Green ran customized Greenhouse Gas reduction models for 8 projects, and is happy to see that 6 of the 7 applications submitted were recommended for funding totaling $14,583,000.


Global Green was excited to be involved in SGC's first iteration of the program, and is working with a coalition of groups involved with the Cap and Trade program to help SGC improve the application process and quantification methodology to better reward green building and affordable housing projects.

Projects recommended for funding:

Meta Housing Corporation:
    •    Sylmar Court Apartments
    •    Civic Center 14 TOD Apartments 
    •    Hayward Senior Apartments 
    •    127th Street Apartments
    •    El Segundo Family Apartments
McCormack Baron Salazar:
    •    MacArthur Park Apartments Phase B

Tim BevinsComment