On the Horizon: 2012 Plans


Given the importance of our green mission and ongoing goal to improve communities and the lives of those in need, I have always had the philosophy of expecting great things from the people that work for me here at Global Green. In 2012, it is no different. Each part of our organization -- every member of Team Global Green, for that matter -- is energized in 2012 to do groundbreaking work. In many cases, quite literally groundbreaking to create greener homes, neighborhoods, and cities. Here is a glance at the big projects lined up so far for 2012.


We are offering our green neighborhood design expertise to eight cities (Lafayette, Indiana; Dearborn, Michigan; Eden Prairie, Minnesota; Greensboro, North Carolina; Lakewood, Colorado; Oakland, California; Louisville, Kentucky; and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania).

We are facilitating the development of a Green Building Policy for the city of Goleta, CA, and contributing to the climate action plan for the city of Santa Ana.

We are providing urban agriculture and sustainability expertise in Youngstown, OH, for a comprehensive overhaul of the city's zoning and development code.

We are taking a leadership role in hearings and workshops for the implementation of AB-758 in California.

We are working with the Green Collaborative in New Orleans to develop relationships with local legislators in order to advance a green jobs agenda in the 2012 state legislative session with a focus on coastal restoration.


We are helping families in New Orleans weatherize their homes with our NOLA Wise program (400 families and counting...) and continuing to offer assistance to help low-income families green their homes in New Orleans.

We are helping families who lost homes in the San Bruno gas explosion to rebuild green.


We are consulting with The Texas School for the Deaf in Austin, the winner of the Green School Makeover competition, as they break ground on their green school projects. We are also helping the four runners-up on their green school projects.

We are updating a new and improved mobile app for schools to use to help them measure energy efficiency, air quality, waste and water use, lighting, and more.


We are looking forward to further reductions of nuclear and chemical weapons under the 2010 US-Russian New START agreement and the multilateral Chemical Weapons Convention; improved fissile material security under the March 2012 Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul, South Korea; and renewed nonproliferation and disarmament initiatives under the Global Partnership chaired in 2012 by the United States.


We are signing on new businesses for our Coalition for Resource Recovery (CoRR) pilot programs on packaging and food waste recovery and recycling in New York City and kicking off a similar initiative in New Orleans.


We are attending the UN Earth Summit in Rio in June, 20 years after the first -- at a time that is critical. Leading up to the event, we will raise awareness in the U.S. and work with other nonprofits in a concentrated effort to affect real change. Stay tuned for more soon, when we announce a campaign for the Earth Summit.


We will raise awareness and support -- and honor those helping to green our world -- at our annual events and award shows: Our Pre-Oscar Party in February;  Millennium Awards in June; Sustainable Design Awards in November; and Gorgeous & Green event in late fall/winter.