Rebuilding Green Post-Sandy


We are stepping up to help the East Coast rebuild more resiliently following Hurricane Sandy. As part of our response to the devastation from Sandy, we are working on these three initiatives:

  • Solar for Sandy: Reaching out to solar manufacturers to donate solar PV panels and components for our Solar for Sandy initiative to help in the resilient rebuilding, with a goal of installing back-up solar systems on schools, women's shelters, and centers in each devastated neighborhood to provide light, cell phone-charging, and other needs.
  • Search for Citizen Sandy: Calling upon individuals in devastated communities to submit their green rebuilding ideas for our next Citizen Entrepreneur Challenge: Citizen Sandy -- we will provide seed funding and our technical expertise to the winning project, and finalists.
  • Greening Neighborhoods: Taking our leadership and expertise to the planning level to look at infrastructure and how neighborhoods can come back stronger than ever with a call for proposals -- funded by EPA -- from devastated cities and boroughs. 


In the wake of Hurricane Katrina just seven years ago, we quickly responded with a vision and commitment to help New Orleans rebuild the city green. TIME magazine lauded our response to Hurricane Katrina by writing, "No organization is doing more to green New Orleans than Global Green USA." We aim to have a similar impact in NY and NJ.  

Global Green USA remains committed to protecting coastal cities like NY from sea level rise by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. An estimated 150 million Americans live in or near coastal cities and we must also address the urgent need to fight climate change and better protect coastal cities at risk from sea level rise, which worsens storm surge in severe weather events. 


Tell us what you're doing to fight climate change and send us a photo representing a city you love at risk due to sea level rise with our I AM Challenge. Together, we can protect our coastlines and work together for a more sustainable future.

Help us lead the region in rebuilding and support our important work with a donation to Global Green USA.

Enter or nominate somone for our Citizen Entrepreneur: Citizen Sandy call for green rebuilding projects for the affected region.