No Joke... Breeze Bike Share Presented by hulu Ready for Expo Line Riders

It’s April Fools’ Day, but the opening of the Exposition Light Rail next month is no joke!  Yes, you read right — you may have noticed all of the work on Colorado Avenue or even a few trains rolling through and wondered when you’re going to get the chance to ride.

Global Green is excited to say the wait will be over soon!  But you can get ready now by riding Breeze, Santa Monica’s popular bike share program that launched last fall.

Breeze Bike Share presented by hulu is a key part of Santa Monica’s plan for sustainable, multi-modal public transportation.  Breeze was specifically designed to compliment the existing transit systems as well as the new Light Rail.  Eighty Breeze hubs (and counting!) are strategically located throughout Santa Monica and nearby Venice to connect with our clean-running Big Blue Buses and are poised to give people easy, affordable access to the Expo Line. 

Have you ever found yourself downtown or in East LA and longed for a better way to the beach?   Are you commuting hours to and from the West Side?  Maybe you just want to try that new restaurant on Main Street or do a little shopping.  Next month, you can connect easily from the Silver Line at Pershing Square; or from the Red, Purple or Blue Lines at 7th St./Metro Center, and hop on the Expo Line to ride the brand new Phase 2 extension to Santa Monica.  Use your Social Bicycles® app to find the bike share stations along your route and finish your journey with a Breeze (bike-ride, that is).  You can ride Breeze easily to all of your destinations in Santa Monica and never worry about finding a spot or feeding the meter.

If you dread the daily scurry through the hordes of SoCal traffic, if you find yourself circling, idling or tearing your hair out searching for expensive parking, even if you are just over paying for gas — Breeze is here for you.

The synergy of Breeze and the Expo Line offers more options and bridges the first/last mile gaps to provide reliable, sustainable and affordable transit.  The combination is a great way to be more active and give yourself some extra time to read, catch up on emails or maybe even shut your eyes (!) when you’d normally be stuck behind the wheel. 

This spring, let’s make better use of our time with Breeze Bike Share and the Expo line.

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