September 2012 Newsletter

Great news: we successfully installed a solar system at VDay's City of Joy in the Congo! Now we are raising $10,000 fo a clean water system; even $10 delivers a water backpack. Donate now to be part of the greening of the City of Joy.

Take Action

Act now! Sign our online letter to President Obama, urging him to remain commited to his promise to take the threat of climate change and sea level rise seriously... California residents: Sign our online letter to Governor Brown before Sept. 30 for him to approve three bills that strive to protect the environment and increase investments to schools and disadvantaged communities.

GGUSA Video Corner

Sea level rise is real and is no joking matter. See and share our sea level rise video on Facebook and Twitter and learn the facts

Message from CEO Matt Petersen

Fighting the Arctic Thaw

"Record Ice Thaw in Arctic, Greenland" read the September 6 headline. No, it wasn't on Treehugger -- it was on the pages of the "Wall Street Journal." Recent reports show that Arctic sea ice has melted more than ever before, with estimates that the Arctic could be ice-free in the summer months by as early as 2020. We count on the Arctic ice cap to help regulate our global climate, as it reflects light and helps keep the ocean from overheating. This Arctic thaw is also contributing to rising ocean temperatures, and accelerating global warming. To make matters worse, the Greenland ice shelf is melting at increasing and alarming rates, causing sea levels to rise. You can learn more in "Sea Level Rise: It's Real and No Joke" and get the facts about the Arctic thaw. Please join us in thanking President Obama for recently reinforcing the importance of action on climate change, and urge him to continue and go further to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by signing our online letter.

Behind the Scenes: Global Green News

We sold the third of five sustainable homes we built in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans... Just in time for the new school year, we have green school tips for parents and green books to read with your kids... Our bike sharing plans in Santa Monica are moving forward with news of a grant awarded to the City, with funds for us to help...  Apple's new campus will adhere to green building guidelines thanks to the ordinance Global Green helped the City of Cupertino write... Jamba Juice announced they're eliminating styrofoam cups and that they are the newest member of our Coalition for Resource Recovery (CoRR) to find recycling and waste reduction solutions.

On the Scene: Global Green Events

Get the scoop on a lecture by Global Green Board Member Sebastian Copeland at UCLA; our commercial food waste recovery conference in NY; our monthly sustainable workshop in New Orleans on energy, water, and waste; and more. Plus, save-the-date info for our Sustainable Design Awardsin NY and Gorgeous & Green Gala in San Francisco. Stay updated with our calendar of events.