Show & Tell: Green Makeover at TSD


We're in Austin, TX, today to see the green upgrades made at the Texas School for the Deaf (TSD), the winner of our Green School Makeover Competition -- to save electricity, reduce waste, and save and reuse water. CEO Matt Petersen joined our competition sponsor Pureology for today's visit to the school to see first-hand the changes they have made to become more environmentally friendly, healthy, and energy-efficient.

Here's what's been happening behind the scenes at the school since winning the $65,000 prize from our competition.

Saving Energy:

Light fixtures were retrofitted with energy-efficient bulbs.

Saving Water:

Manual faucets were replaced with hands-free faucets with sensors to turn them off automatically.

A new water filtration system was installed to replace the school's use of water bottles. (TSD expects to save 88,000 bottles of water each school year -- $20,000 on bottle water costs!)

Rain barrels were installed to collect water from the roof to use on campus for areas that do not have irrigation.

Reducing Waste:

Recycling bins were installed next to every trashcan on campus.

Hands-free dryers were installed in restrooms to reduce paper towel waste.

Photos from the day: