Breeze Bike Share and Climate Change

The world spotlight is finally shining on climate change.

International momentum for meaningful action hit a critical peak this week at the United Nations Climate Conference in Paris, where our global leaders have convened to combat the ever-intensifying climate change epidemic.

Though tension between nations is inevitable as delegates attempt to navigate the substantial political and economic issues, one thing is clear: the world needs to get serious about climate change.

This is the perfect opportunity to reflect on how each of us can take action towards a sustainable future.  One fun, easy way to start is Santa Monica’s Breeze Bike Share, presented by Hulu.  If you have been to this coastal destination recently, you probably noticed the bright green Breeze bikes rolling around town, after Global Green USA helped Santa Monica launch the complete 500 bike, 75 station hub system on November 12.  As of now, Breeze bike share has more than 2,700 active users who have collectively traveled 23,000 miles! This equates to over 17,500 lbs of CO2 spared from release into the atmosphere. (1)

Active transportation like cycling benefits health, supports community and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.  Using a bike share program to commute to work or for shorter journeys is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Santa Monica’s Bike Share program is just one of the ways the city is moving toward a sustainable future.  Santa Monica has been a shining example of environmental leadership for over 20 years and Santa Monica Mayor Kevin McKeown is currently representing the city in Paris as part of the Mayor’s National Climate Action Agenda.  This climate leadership coalition started right here in Southern California, spearheaded by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, with the City of Santa Monica in the mix from day one. (2)

Governor Jerry Brown reinforced the idea that local leaders have their own part to play in combating global climate change, stating, “We don’t have to wait for the federal government to jump in… the task of reducing our carbon footprint is so great and so global that every entity that can needs to pitch in.”  Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon agreed.  “Local governments are actually leading national governments. They are the driving force.” (3)

So let’s look to the example set by local leaders in Santa Monica, who were first in the region to offer the community shared bicycles as sustainable public transit. We all need to take notice, take responsibility and take action against climate change.

Check out the #Breeze bikes at any one of the 75 stations around Santa Monica or head to for more information on $99 founding membership rates offered through the end of 2015, SMC student discounts and other special offers.


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