Weekly Rewind: Green News for April 2-8


Wise Words of the Week: The quote from our weekly staff meeting was from Gloria Steinem. "The truth will set you free. But first, it will piss you off." (More quotes) Headline of the Week: "Climate change isn't liberal or conservative: It's reality." Thanks, Boing Boing. (Boing Boing post)

A Penny a Day…: A report indicates that stopping climate change is cheaper than we all think -- and could cost consumers only pennies a day. (Climate Progress post)

Recyclers in a Room: Annie White, director of our Coalition for Resource Recovery (CoRR) program, attended the Sustainable Packaging Symposium to discuss our recycling and waste reduction efforts. (Our post)

Putting the Sunshine to Use: We celebrated a victory for solar power in Los Angeles, with the approval of a program we worked on as part of the Clean LA Coalition. (Our post)

Bringing the Hurt to Heartland: AT&T is the latest to end funding to climate-denier Heartland Institute. (Think Progress post)

Fracking Film: We were excited to hear about "The Promised Land," an upcoming film from director Gus Van Sant to star Matt Damon -- on fracking. (Huffington Post Green story)

Renewable Role Models: Way to go, Denmark! They passed legislation to have 100% renewable energy by 2050. (Sustainable Business post)

Just Rewards: A lesson in taking care of the environment? Students who cleaned up a lake discovered a sunken treasure. (Treehugger post)

Uplifting, But Not Really: As sea level rise continues to be a threat across the globe, architects have proposed hospitals on stilts, floating golf courses, and more. (Tck Tck Tck post)