What We Do: Helping Communities

Everything we do at Global Green to create greener homes, schools, and cities is for the benefit of the people in those buildings where they live, work and learn -- and in the communities they call home. We work to improve the lives of people and for future generations by greening our current surroundings and protecting and preserving our environment. Many of our programs are focussed on improving communities and the lives of those in need.


Green Rebuilding in New Orleans

Building our Holy Cross Project sustainable village, started post-Hurricane Katrina 

Gulf Coast Restoration 

Working to clean the Gulf Coast following the BP oil spill and restoring the wetlands

Rebuilding Green in San Bruno

Helping homeowners rebuild green following the gas line explosion


Building Blocks for Sustainable Communities

Providing no-cost technical assistance for LEED for Neighborhood (LEED-ND) greening projects

Citizen Entrepreneur Contest

Honoring and supporting those with local green community projects

Solar for Sandy and Citizen Sandy

Mobilizing to help communities in New York and New Jersey devastated by Hurricane Sandy by providing solar back-up systems and a micro-grant for a green rebuilding project


Solar Power and Cean Water in the Congo 

Helping women in V-Day's City of Joy with clean power and clean water

Solar Power for Haiti 

Bringing solar power to schools and other facilities post-earthquake