The Future of Sustainable Travel

[This is a guest article]


The travel market is expected to be worth $441 billion by 2019. That much travel means an exponential rise in the environmental impact of the travel industry. It goes without saying that sustainable travel is becoming less of a niche and more of a necessity. If existing practices aren’t adopted, and new methods to travel sustainably aren’t developed, there won’t be much of a world left that’s worth seeing. There are several small changes you can make to your travel habits to be more green. Here are several modern ways you can enjoy your travels and the Earth at the same time.

Book sustainably:

Before you start making all sorts of plans, you should do a little online research on which companies would be best for you to book with. If consumers are making conscious choices to only work with sustainable companies, it reinforces the notion that businesses should be more eco-friendly. If that call to action becomes loud enough, businesses will have no choice but to respond. With that being said, there are already a bunch of different sustainable options for your next vacation. There are options ranging from an Icelandic adventure hotel to a tropical cruise line. No matter what kind of vacation you’re looking for, make sure you’re doing it with the most sustainable choice.

Pack sustainably:

Now that you know where you’re going and what kind of experience you’ll be having, it’s time to start packing. Keep in mind that the lighter you pack, the less fuel you use, so you should do everything in your power to reduce that weight. For starters, try packing fewer pairs of clothing, and with some of that saved weight, pack a little detergent. That way, you can do your own laundry if you run out of clothes, but you’re still lighter than you would be if you packed a separate outfit for each day.


By packing the proper items, you can also reduce the amount of plastic you use on your trip, overall. For example, try bringing your own shampoo and conditioner. This can help reduce the amount of those little toiletry bottles hotels throw away every year. You could also pack up your very own zero-waste kit to reduce waste from everyday items like plastic bottles and cutlery. All it takes is a little preparation before you leave to set yourself up for eco-success.

Shop sustainably:

People love souvenirs; there’s no way around that. If you must get something memorable for your family or friends, there are several things to keep in mind. For starters, purchase locally sourced and made products. You can feel good knowing your money will go to feeding a family rather than the pockets of a large corporation. Also, be sure that what you buy is made from sustainable materials. Things such as non-rare woods or even metals make less of an impact on the environment than gifts made of plastics or animal products. Also, as stated above, watch your packing weight. Do your best to buy small, lightweight products rather than large and bulky ones that will add to your fuel consumption on the way back.

Talk sustainably:

As you get home, be sure to share all the great stories about your vacation. Show people that you can travel and be sustainable at the same time. You being an eco-advocate will inspire others to make changes in their lives as well. Speak up, speak out, and speak to anyone who will listen. It only gets easier when everyone chooses to make small changes in their life for the better. Individually, you may not make much of an impact, but collectively, we can save the world.


Of the many ways to go eco-friendly, it is most often the smaller things that add up to make a big difference. However, it is very important to note that it is nearly impossible to be 100% carbon neutral. The key part is that you take those small strides every single day. Share which strategies worked and didn’t work for you in the comments. This way, you can help more humans to be more conscious about the best ways for them to go eco-friendly.

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