Breeze Bike Share Comes to Santa Monica

It’s summer in Santa Monica and what better time to grab a bike and get outside! Then get ready to ride this fall when Santa Monica launches their new ‘Breeze’ Bike Share program to give people an easy way to travel, keep active and beat the black hole of So-Cal traffic.

You may have already heard about successful Bike Share programs sprouting up across the country. Experts agree increasing ridership combats traffic congestion, air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. But what does Breeze mean for you?

Breeze bikes at the UCLA Medical Center station on the corner of Arizona Ave. and 16th Street

Breeze bikes at the UCLA Medical Center station on the corner of Arizona Ave. and 16th Street

Bike Share programs energize communities and provide a simple, low-cost option for short journeys. Even if you already own a bicycle, Breeze makes cycling the perfect choice for one-way or round-trip rides, wherever your destination.

The Breeze stations are strategically located to access popular areas and connect with existing transit systems. Our membership and daily-ride rates are among the lowest in the nation PLUS students can access special offers to help make biking easy for everyone!

Breeze is a strategic component of the Santa Monica’s innovative Well-Being Project, where Health is a critical dimension of their ‘data-driven’ Well-Being Index. But Bike Share extends across the index to support community connection, greening the built environment and providing opportunities through affordable and equitable access.

Santa Monica is also celebrating the 20th anniversary of being the first to complete a comprehensive Sustainable City Plan. The plan’s guiding principles revolve around the integration of equity, the economy and the environment to drive sustainable policy. Breeze was specially designed to incorporate these elements to ensure access, affordability, increase mobility and reduce ‘vehicle miles traveled’.

Incorporate Breeze into your commute or daily routine to maximize the health benefits of this valuable community resource. Dr. Robert Oppliger with the American College of Medicine says that engaging in ‘active transport’ like cycling is a great way to improve overall well-being and tackle some of the biggest public health issues today. “Bicycling has positive effects on weight and cardio-vascular health - even a couple of times a week is beneficial”.

Learn how to become a Founding Member of the Breeze Bike Share program. Founding memberships are a great way to support Bike Share, engage your local community and improve overall well-being. Head to  to learn more about how soon you’ll be able to #BreezeByTraffic and get pumped for our big launch event in November so you can get up, get out and ride!

The first 100 Founding Members who commit to memberships this summer may be eligible to participate in an exclusive system test going on now through September!

Click here for the official City of Santa Monica Breeze Bike Share system announcement!