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Global Green's Musical Benefit for the Gulf

"Like many folks, I was devastated by the tragedy of the Deepwater Horizon explosion, the loss of life there, and this horrific ecological tragedy that has ensued. I don't believe that BP or our government fully understand the breadth of the tragedy, its permanent effect on the Gulf of Mexico, and how many millions of families and livelihoods are going to be permanently affected. I'm thankful for organizations like Global Green."

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Healing the Gulf through Song: An Evening with Peter Seeger and Friends

Stanley Kules, a Global Green NY regional committee member, had helped arrange a series of three benefit concerts for Global Green USA and the Gulf Restoration Network at the City Winery in New York City. I was to go and talk about the spill, Global Green’s initiatives, and to thank the audience, musicians, and the City Winery for their support.

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Declaring Energy Independence -- Citizens of New Orleans and Gulf Coast Respond to BP Oil Spill

The BP oil spill continues to not only threatens the delicate ecosystems, beaches, communities, and economies of the Gulf Coast, it threatens these inalienable rights as well. It is we the people -- as citizens, and not just consumers -- that have the true power, but only if we exercise our responsibility as citizens of this great nation.

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