Global Green's Code of Ethics

Global Green USA is committed to being honest, competitive and fair in its relationships with employees, business associates and other organization stakeholders, and its values its reputation for integrity. The Organization's goal is that its business practices be legal and compatible with the economic and social practices of the community. The Organization complies with all laws and regulations that apply to its business. 

Global Green USA wants its employees to preserve and protect its good reputation; thus employees should inform senior management of matters, which might compromise the Organization's reputation. 

The organization believes in fair and open competition. Nothing of value (including cash payments, gifts or favors) may be given, received, paid, promised or offered directly or indirectly, to or from any governmental official, business associate, supplier or customer for the purpose of securing or providing preferential governmental, customer or supplier business. 

Employees may not make oral or written commitments on behalf of the Organization without the approval of an authorized officer. The President and Chief Operating Officer are the only authorized officers to bind the organization into oral or written contract. 

I. Purpose

Global Green USA is committed to the highest possible standards of ethical, moral and legal business conduct. In keeping with this commitment, this policy aims to ensure that all employees are aware of the level of conduct and integrity that is expected to Global Green USA employees. 

II. Scope

This policy applies to all Global Green employees, including part-time, temporary and contract employees.

III. Objectives

The objective of the Code of Ethics are to: 

A. Provide Global Green USA employees with guidelines for identifying potential conflicts of interest and breaches of trust;  

B. Help ensure that Global Green USA employees do not place themselves, or permit themselves to be placed, in a position which would constitute a conflict of interest or breach of trust; 

C. Correct and cure inadvertent minor violations without disciplinary action and in conformity with the purpose of this policy; and

D. Promote high standards of professional conduct and values among Global Green USA employees.

IV. Responsibilities

A. General Counsel. The General Counsel shall implement and administer the Global Green USA Code of Ethics. The General Counsel shall also ensure that the ethical standards set fourth herein are promoted; and investigate any reported violation of this policy and approve and administer any subsequent corrective action.  

B. Department Heads. Department heads shall ensure that all employees under their supervision are familiar with the Global Green USA Code of Ethics. Department heads shall advise the General Counsel of any perceived violation of this policy by a member of their staff, and institute appropriate preventative or corrective action. 

V. Prohibited conduct

A. Disqualification from Global Green USA Activity. No current Global Green USA employee shall have a financial or other private interest, direct or indirect, personally or through a member of his or her immediate family, in any matter upon which the employee is required to ct in the discharge of his or her professional duties. Where such conflict exists, the employee must disqualify himself or herself from acting or participating. 

B. Improper Use of Professional Position. No current Global Green USA employee shall use his or her official position for a purpose that is, or would to a reasonable person appear to be, primarily for the private benefit of the employee, rather than primarily for the benefit of Global Green USA. 

C. Improper Use of Global Green USA Property. No current Global Green USA employee shall use or permit the use of any Global Green USA funds or property under his or her professional control, direction, or custody for a purpose which is, or to a reasonable person appear to be, for other than Global Green's benefit. 

D. Acceptance of Gifts or Loans. No current Global Green USA employee shall solicit or accept any retainer, gift, loan. entertainment, favor, or other thing of monetary value from any person or entity where the thing solicited or accepted was, or to a reasonable person appear to be, solicited or accepted with intent to confer or obtain special consideration or influence as to any action by such employee in his or her professional capacity. 

E. Disclosure of Privileged Information. No current Global Green USA employees shall disclose or use any privilege or proprietary information gained through his or her professional position for the immediate or anticipated personal gain or benefit of the employee or any other person or entity; provided, that nothing shall prohibit the disclosure or use of information that is a matter of public knowledge, or that is available to the public upon request. 

VI. Reporting Breaches of this Code

Employees who have reason to believe that this Code of Ethics has been breached in any way are encouraged to bring their concerns to the Board of Directors. No adverse action shall be taken against any employee who, acting in good faith, brings forward such information. 

VII. Corrective Action

Violation of this policy by any Global Green USA employee may constitute a cause for corrective action. Any reported violation of the Code of Ethics will be subject to investigation by the Board of Directors. If an investigation finds an employee guilty of breaching this policy, the corrective action pursued against the employee shall be commensurate with the nature and severity of the violation. 

VIII. Modification & Amendment

Global Green USA reserves the right to modify or to amend this policy as may deem necessary.