Sustainable Design On Our Minds


The subject of sustainable design is our minds more than usual at the Global Green office these days, as we recently set the date for our Sustainable Design Awards in NY (November 14) and are marking the five-year anniversary of our Sustainable Design competition in New Orleans. One year after Hurricane Katrina devastated the city and destroyed an estimated 50,000 homes, GGUSA began work on the sustainable rebuilding of New Orleans. One of our first big actions in New Orleans was the launch of an international design competition in the summer 2006, for which we called for innovative designs that featured green building principles for affordable housing complexes that would save residents money by reducing energy costs. At this time five years ago, our design jury of architects and environmental experts, including Pritzker Prize-winning architect Thom Mayne, GGUSA’s CEO Matt Petersen, and jury chair Brad Pitt, examined the 100-plus submissions.

"As I reviewed the first third of the designs, I was like a kid in a candy story, giddy as I studied them with excitement about the incredible ideas," said Matt Petersen. "Then the need to honor and contemplate each design settled in as I more somberly reviewed the next third. Finally, I was overwhelmed and nearly brought to tears while looking at the final submissions, realizing the tens of thousands of hours put into all the entries and in thinking about the sustainable rebuilding of New Orleans. The collective commitment to humanity, and bringing hope to such tragedy."

Our work continues in New Orleans and everywhere else we are able to lend our support. And we got to see a true showing of support for our work--getting an inside look at the sustainable Modern Living home displayed at the Dwell on Design show in Los Angeles last week. The prefab showhouse was created by Davis A+D and designed with eco-friendly finesse by one of our own board members, Zem Joaquin. Bidding on the eBay auction for the house runs July 5-15, with proceeds to benefit Global Green USA.

Stef McDonald