Rain Garden / Bioswale Project New Addition to Holy Cross Visitors Center

tiny pic of garden i think.jpg

This past weekend over 100 volunteers came together to build a rain garden and host a Water Carnival at Global Green's Holy Cross Project Visitors Center at 409 Andry Street in the Lower 9th Ward! The Water Environment Federation (WEF) and Students and Young Professionals Committee (SYPC), with the help of Global Green, worked tirelessly to complete a rain garden located at the rear of the visitors center.

The shallow depression that makes up the rain garden was planted with deep-rooted plants and grasses.  Some of the plants and trees include cypress, horsetail grass, and Spartina, or cordgrass.

The garden was designed to capture rainwater runoff and stop the water from reaching the sewer system.

During the construction of the rain garden, visitors and local neighborhood community members enjoyed a Water Carnival that was taking place next to the visitors center on N Peters Street.

The Water Carnival was geared toward K-8 students and included approximately 20 booths hosted by local organizations, universities, state agencies, and others.

The project was a success.  The garden is beautiful.  Already birds are starting to congregate around the tear-shaped wetland.

2fer holy cross building and vaolunteers.jpg

Thank you, volunteers, for all your hard work!  And thank you WEF for sponsoring the event.

If you are in the neighborhood, visiting the lower 9th Ward, or stopping by Global Green's Holy Cross Visitors Center at 409 Andry Street to learn about green building, be sure to take a peak at the new rain garden.

Global Green USA