Holy Cross Project Tour


We gave tours of Global Green’s Holy Cross Project Visitors Center last week to about 40 students enrolled in a JOB1 summer program. As the workforce development program for the city of New Orleans, JOB1 provides employment training and education and has recently increased its focus on youth. With my coworker Ali Sickle, I led the group of teenagers through the LEED Platinum model home. We didn’t think energy efficiency measures would be the most interesting topic for a group of high schoolers, but these kids are taking part in a course that focuses on environmental literacy and green job awareness and they were genuinely excited. They asked questions about tank-less water heaters and proudly reported what they had learned about indoor air quality. Their enthusiasm for the technology integrated into the house was a personal reminder of the broad effect that a push for green building can have on a community. The student’s engagement in environmental issues will improve their career outlooks and allow them to play an active role in developing a green economy for New Orleans. In turn, those jobs will play a part in recreating a city that is healthier for its residents and the planet.

Global Green USA