#3 Jordan’s Green-Guide #July4th #BBQ #Picnic

Headin to the lake, beach, or backyard this July 4th for a BBQ or picnic?  What better way to celebrate our beautiful country than by reducing our impact on its great lands and waters?  Here’s how:

1. Solo cups schmolo cups - bring reusable camping cups for a eco-friendly, and retro-trendy, alternative.  I recommend a standard enamel camping cup; cheap, lightweight, durable, and cool.

BONUS: (see BONUS #4)

2. Ditch the “DON’T TOUCH!” plate - instead of dogs, burgers, and wings try one of the many delicious veggie alternatives on the market; they’re cheaper, healthier, and don’t produce the unsavory “DON’T TOUCH” plate covered in raw meat residue.

BONUS: that beach bod is going to appreciate those plant-based proteins

3. Coal is for grilling, not forking - try bamboo cutlery and dishware, especially the robust reusable kind.  If reusable dishware and cutlery is out of the question, single use bamboo or corn-based is still better than plastics (i.e. eternal petrochemicals made from hydrocarbons like coal, natural gas, or oil).  

BONUS: your food won’t taste like plastic

4. Director’s cut - Cut buying new folding metal/plastic chairs from your budget, ask your neighbors if they have some you could borrow.  Then, if still in need, try hitting a local garage sale or vintage shop for some wooden/canvas foldable chairs of your own. I recommend the app letgo for this.

BONUS: you’ll look like a movie director or a swanky Parisian

5. Bundles of Joy - Food is one of life’s great joys, so why not help the systems that provide it to us by skipping the plastic?  About to head to the lake or park for that picnic?  Bundle your food in the blanket you’re planning to sit on. Blanket=Bohemian Picnic Basket

BONUS: Less for you to carry, less greenhouse gasses for the environment to carry.




Jordan McKay