Jordan’s Green Guide #holidayshopping

We did it.  We survived Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and whatever else the marketers have dreamt up that I ain't wise to yet.

Well, now that the tantalizing discounts have subsided we'll stop rushing to the stores (read Amazon Marketplace if under 35), right?  Naaa. According to one study, a full one-quarter of US personal spending(which includes gifts for others) occurs during the Christmas/holiday shopping season (source).

So, apparently, you're destined for nearly two months of frantic overspending.  This to be followed by that January 2nd gym membership expense and the midwinter blues. Jeeez -- good luck.


But maybe, just maybe, we, could, perhaps, possibly, potentially, if we wished upon a Christmas star refrain from fully indulging in the madness.  Think of it.  January's bank statement would be merry and bright, and that February SUP (Stand Up Paddle-boarding for those over 35) trip in the Florida keys might actually be possible.

Alternatively, we could still take part in seasonal increased personal spending, but for things with tangible value and lesser environmental impact. Ideas include:

  1. Concert/symphony tickets

  2. Yearly national/state park pass

  3. Snowshoes/SUP board/Electric bike rental

  4. Subscription to a fancy schmancy online journal/archive/design magazine

  5. Fancy-schmancy foods (i.e. their favorite restaurants, markets, coffee shops...)

  6. Spanish/Mandarin/Arabic  language course

  7. Pottery/skiing/DJ'ing/meditation/coding/guitar lessons

  8. Bikeshare subscription

  9. Library card (I know it’s free, and that you have to take your friend there for ID reasons, but it would be on your shoulders to actually do it.  We all mean to do it, but never actually do.)

  10. Zipcar/rideshare credit

  11. Gift card to electronics consignment/repair store

  12. Museum membership

  13. Registration for a kayaking/running/hiking group trip

  14. Credit to a used book/furniture/clothes store


There you have it.  Jordan’s 100% comprehensive how-to guide for thoughtfully hemorrhaging money from mid-November through the new year.  

You’re welcome.  

- 🤙🏼  Jordan

Jordan McKay