#2 Jordan’s Green-Guide #ECOCHIC

Looking to save money and the environment while keepin' it steezy (style with ease)? Why not hit the beach and the boardroom in the same shirt while wearing beech tree undies?  If you’re in the market for new threads, look for clothing that is:

  1. Secondhand - I suppose the cool kids call it “vintage”

  2. Versatile - broadly useful and pairable

  3. Timeless - you’ll continue to wear it years after flamingo prints are an afterthought

  4. Made to last - and repairable by you or the seller

If you’re buying new, for bonus eco-style points, purchase clothing with lessened ecological footprints akin to those modeled below by yours truly:

  • Shoes - canvas, natural rubber, leather-free
  • Socks - ethically-shorn wool socks, hiking/dressy, long-lasting. 
  • Pants - recycled denim jeans
  • Underwear - organic beech tree fiber harvested sustainably, and 95% energy and materials recovered at a production facility. Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)
  • Belt - recycled plastic
  • Shirt - organic cotton
  • Blazer - linen(much smaller eco-footprint than cotton)
  • Watch - band is cork, face is salvaged metal
  • Hat - organic hemp (much smaller eco-footprint than cotton)

*Avoid leathers/suedes and plastics/polyesters, as both have very high ecological footprints

- 🤙🏼Jordan

Jordan McKay