Jordan’s Green Guide #doless

This weeks eco-post is short and possibly not so sweet.  That being said, this is THE most basic description of how to move through the world with reduced environmental impact, and that is worth beating ourselves over the head with.  The best part about reducing your impact is that the biggest impact you can make is to do less.  I mean it, the most important way you can help the environment is to not buy that shirt, not grab that soda lid, not replace that lamp shade with a better matching one.

image (1).png

It ain’t rocket science.  Doing things takes energy and resources.  Making things takes energy and resources.  Transporting things takes energy and resources.  That plastic straw required much to create - refuse it.  That silver necklace required countless resources to forge - don’t buy it.  That car needs replacing - don’t.  

If your intent is to walk more lightly on this earth, then below you’ll find a list of behaviors to do so in descending order of efficacy.  That is, not taking or buying something to begin with makes a helluva lot more difference than recycling something.

So do less.


- 🤙🏼 Kunu

Jordan McKay