Jordan’s Green-Guide #Bathroomtalk

Let’s get personal.  The water closet may not be a top trending topic for the eco-conscious citizen, but it should be!  Here are some ways to keep your bathroom behaviors on the eco-friendlier side.  We’ll start with some easy replacements and work towards more advanced lavatorial undertakings:

1. Plastic toothbrush ⇒ Bamboo toothbrush (or any other brushes, combs etc.)

2. Plastic razor ⇒ Metal razor with replaceable safety blades

3. Plastic soap dispenser ⇒ Old-fashioned Bar of soap.   BONUS - buy at a bulk store and produce no packaging!  

4. Shaving cream in single-use packaging ⇒ Shaving soap bar (google it)

5. Plastic scrubbers ⇒ Bamboo/recycled plastic scrubber

6. Plastic soap dish ⇒ Bamboo soap dish

7. Polyester bath mat ⇒ Woven hemp bath mat

8. Plastic loofah ⇒ Sea sponge loofah

9. Polyester dopp kit ⇒ Canvas or hemp dopp kit

10. Makeup in plastic packaging ⇒ Makeup in smaller, metal packaging. BONUS - refillable vessels

11. Store-bought toothpaste ⇒ Homemade toothpaste ( google it, it’s dumb-simple and cheap )

12. Store-bought deodorant ⇒ Homemade deodorant ( toothpaste and deodorant = one and the same )  

13. Shampoo/Conditioner ⇒ Baking soda/Apple Cider Vinegar

14. Harmful cleaning solutions ⇒ Vinegar (Fill the old Windex bottle with this) and/or baking soda

15. More ⇒ Less ( Take a minute to truly consider if you need a product.  If so, does the product actually deliver the promised effect? )

*NOTE - Don’t toss your existing bathroom paraphernalia, simply replace items as they wither and wear beyond repair.


Jordan McKay