Jordan’s Green-Guide #weddings

Flowers, white dresses, and hopeful romanticism abound - It’s that time of year again - wedding season.  How, then, do we approach these matrimonial months with an eye towards sustainability?  My answer: clothes and gifts.  These are two areas where I have identified opportunities to lower my ecological footprint.




Versatility and longevity should be your guiding criteria for any sustainable sartorial investment.  Next time you’re considering a new dress, suit, tie, or purse think of how many discrete occasions you could use it for.  Is it too light, dark, heavy, or thin to be used during multiple seasons?  For men, this means choosing a navy blue or gray suit to be worn year-round instead of a winter wool and a summer linen.  For women, maybe fewer florals and more solid colors to suit darker, cooler occasions as well as warm summer affairs.  Ties, purses, watches, jewelry, and other accessories should be purchased off-trend.  That is, go for items you could use ten years down the road.  Oh, and one last very impactful choice - avoid leather.  Rearing livestock for leather is hugely ecologically taxing, like, unfathomably so.  If you must buy a pair of leather shoes or belt, buy second-hand.


I am going to sound like a cheesy voice-over-narrator-guy from a chocolate advertisement, but here goes, this wedding season give the gift of experience.  Yuck. Anyways, rather than redundant household nick nacks, try giving the dearly beloveds something to do.  I recently gave a happy couple an annual National Park pass.  I enjoyed thinking of them all lovey-dovey running around playing in nature.  It felt rewarding and personal to give as a gift.  Some other wedding gift ideas include:

  • Concert tickets

  • Theatre tickets(E.g. Orchestra membership)

  • Museum/Gallery Vouchers or memberships

  • Digital subscriptions to magazines

  • Food products (they gotta eat/drink right?)

  • Airbnb vouchers

  • Restaurant credit

  • Surfing lessons

  • Cooking lessons

  • Riding (whatever) lessons

  • Dancing lessons

  • Skydiving tickets


Okay, now go have some fun celebrating the happy couple!


Jordan McKay