Jordan’s Green Guide #oktoberfest

*Please read the following internally with your best German accent

Ze Chermans are very vell known for a number of sings including a vonderful bier culture.  Zey have ze Lagers und ze Pilsners und ze Weizens, among other less vell known biers like ze Kolsch or ze Schwarzbier. In conjunction with ze bier, Chermany is also very vell known for its annual bier party - Oktoberfest.  

Having lived near München and been to Oktoberfest multiple times, I’m here to provide a comprehensive list of how to approach zis Oktoberfest season with an eye towards sustainability.  Zis year, when heading to ze local lager haus to celebrate ze union of King Ludwig und Princess Therese, the reason for the fest, follow these steps to minimize ze environmental impact while maximizing ze fun:

  1. Don’t buy ze cheap lederhosen(male) or dirndl(female) costumes for ze Oktoberfest party.  Zis waste of moneys will most likely end up in ze garbage and probably should, because it doesn’t look so vonderful to begin vith.  

  2. If you do buy ze lederhosen or dirndl, buy ze real ones.  By real I mean ze ones made of real hide and real embroidered fabric.  Zis way, you vill keep zem for ze rest of your life, and I guarantee zey vill look and feel better.

  3. If heading to ze fest, take ze public transit.  Zis way you can show everybody ze vonderful costume you are wearing.  If you’ve had too many of ze biers at ze end of the day/night, zen you may take ze Lyft or Uber back to ze haus.

  4. Once at ze fest, order only ze local biers on tap.  Zis way you support ze local economy and reject ze single-use packaging.  Bottled or canned biers are not ze enemy, but tap bier is more efficient from ze resource perspective.  Think of a keg as one giant can of beer, but ze surface area of metal to bier is much more wunderbar!

  5. If you have ze party at your haus, refrain from buying ze little plastic bavarian flags and other vasteful fest accompaniments.  Instead, find ze playlist with bavarian “zeltmusik” or “tent-music” and bake some pretzels.  Mutter earth and ze guests will say danke.  Pretzels and music are better than ze plastic flags, ja?

  6. If you are one of ze lucky ones going to ze actual Oktoberfest in München, refrain from buying ze little keepsakes und knick-knacks that promise to remind you of ze fest.  Instead, take ze fotos, eat ze foods, and of course - drink ze bier.  




Jordan McKay