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Global Green believes we can transform our world when we work to help the people, the places and the planet in need.  We battle on the front lines of climate change by connecting decision-makers, innovators and community influencers to bring opportunities to the nation’s most vulnerable populations.

From New York to Los Angeles to the Ninth Ward of New Orleans, we maintain an extensive network of public and private stakeholders that support us in these critical coastal communities. As a result, Global Green is able to customize equitable, green urban solutions for the specific challenges facing each region.

Whether you donate $20 or $2,000, your gift enables us to keep building strong, healthy communities – in other words, you make it all possible!

$25 – Buys one Rain Barrel for a New Orleans resident to reuse storm-water and reduce flooding on their property

$50 – Covers the technical equipment needed for our new Food Scrap Collection Program to combat waste and enrich local biomes

$100 – Supports our current Sustainable Neighborhood Programs to revitalize communities through green urbanism, affordable housing and creative district rejuvenation

$250 – Funds expansion of our Solar for Sandy resiliency hubs to provide emergency light, heat and power for hurricane-path communities

A tax-exempt charitable gift that makes a big difference

Your legacy matters.
Global Green can provide an opportunity for a charitable gift that makes a difference.  If you are 70 years and 6 months old or older, the IRA charitable rollover is a great way for you to make a tax-exempt gift in support of our work at Global Green.

For people who are required to take a distribution from their retirement plans but do not need the additional income, this is a win-win.  The IRA charitable rollover reduces your tax liability and allows you to make a meaningful gift to Global Green.

How it works:
The IRA charitable rollover allows donors to transfer up to $100,000 directly from their IRA to Global Green each calendar year.

An IRA charitable rollover gift is a tax-exempt distribution.

An IRA rollover gift can be used to meet all or part of an IRA required minimum distribution, which allow individuals to better manage their income, taxes, and charitable giving.

Thank you for your support!  For more information on planned giving, please contact Dean Harvey. [email protected]