Climate Action Center Strategies and Outcomes

Education Resource Hub

STRATEGY: Will promote understanding of climate change impacts.

OUTCOME: Will provide resources for energy efficiency and green infrastructure to lower utility bills for residents by 20% or orme, and ultimately decrease carbon emissions, localized flooding and improve water quality.

Technical Assistance

STRATEGY: Provide resources to act on climate change.

OUTCOME: Expand the use of green development techniques, reduced carbon emissions and risk to neighborhoods.

catalytic projects

STRATEGY: Demonstrate climate change solutions.  

OUTCOME: Provide proof of concepts in order to influence policy makers and inspire community action.

Workforce Development

STRATEGY: Facilitate job training and certification programs.

OUTCOME: Host job training and certification programs to grow the green sector and pave the way for 1,000 more green jobs.

Green policy

STRATEGY: Minimize the impacts of climate change on communities and industries.

OUTCOME: Increase number of Climate advocates and climate positive laws and regulations at the local, state and national level.