Green Initiatives Threatened


As Congress vacated Washington, D.C. for the usual August recess, one of the final announcements made by House Republicans was that the Green the Capitol Initiative would be killed, due primarily to budget reductions. Begun by former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), the Green the Capitol Initiative was designed to promote energy and resource savings. House Administration Chairman Dan Lundgren (R-CA) stated that he fully supported killing the program as part of saving some $11 million annually in Congressional operations and that it would be wrapped into energy-saving efforts of the Architect of the Capitol. Democrats argued that this remained a very important initiative to reduce energy usage by at least 30% by 2015.  House Administration Committee Democrats spokesman Kyle Anderson pointed out  that "the current Majority has chosen to send a clear message about its lack of commitment to environmentally responsible policies..." Indeed. What we can all do now is contact our representatives and urge them to support this and other environmental initiatives.

Paul Walker