Giving Back, Giving Goats

In February, I journeyed with Eve Ensler, playwright and founder of V-Day, and a delegation of amazing individuals to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. We celebrated the opening of the City of the Joy, a sanctuary Eve and V-Day created for girls and women to recover emotionally and physically from rape and mutilation from the atrocious conflict in the Eastern Congo. To say the least, it was a moving and life-changing experience (read more on that visit, and Global Green's commitment to get solar panels donated to power the City of Joy here and on the Huffington Post).

The journey from our beachside office in Santa Monica to the DRC began when Eve partnered with Global Green to stage a reading of her play, “OPC." In turn, we were moved to use funds raised to do what we could to help green the City of Joy. The donation of the solar system allows them to reduce their dependency on diesel generators and the unreliable grid, creating a healthier and more secure City of Joy.

While in the DRC, we also drove over an hour to visit with the most amazing women, the Green Mommas. All are survivors of rape and war, who had taken back their lives by turning to the land as an all-female cooperative farm. Their tillers and fertilizers of the land to prepare the crops? Goats. On the spot, I pledged that Global Green would buy them 20 goats. It’s safe to say it's the first time I’ve bought goats. When I shared the news that we sent the funds for the goats, someone in the Global Green office tossed the idea of naming the goats.


We’re going to start by naming the first one Joy. That leaves 19 for you to help us name; post your goat name suggestions to our Facebook page.

Update: We received this illustration of a goat named by Mary, the daughter of a Global Green supporter.

Matt Petersen