Progress Report: Global Green Making an Impact

As noted in our monthly newsletter, Global Green continues to activelyaddress local, national, and global solutions to climate change through our innovative modeling of projects, policy, and strategic partnerships.

In California alone and Los Angeles specifically, Global Green is making a major impact:

•    Thanks to Global Green, L.A. has more new healthy green schools than any other city in the country! This coming September, 23 new green school buildings in Los Angeles Unified School District will open their doors to tens of thousands of K-12 grade students and teachers. Global Green USA’s innovative efforts to create healthy green schools in LA, New Orleans, San Francisco has been underway for nearly a decade and has provided the building blocks for our National Green Schools Initiative and National Green School Makeover Competition now underway. Get more information on how to green your local school.

•    Global Green’s new City Carbon Index (CCI) web-based tool debuted at the 2011 Pre-Oscar event with Los Angeles as its first target. This “climate citizen” friendly site has been offering individuals and groups direct action suggestions of ways to improve the city of LA’s C- rating. We’re already exploring future cities that can replicate this effort. Get more information and climate tips.

•    The City Council of Malibu (as well as Mountain View, CA--home to Google) recently adopted GlobalGreen’s developed energy saving green building public policies and strategies. Malibu is opting to focus on capping the energy efficiency of residences and establishing a fast-track program for projects that commit to high levels of LEED certification. Get more information.

•    From our Santa Monica Headquarters and regional offices in New York City, New Orleans, and Washington, D.C., Global Green has been continuing our landmark Holy Cross Project community development in New Orleans’ Lower 9th Ward; pressing for Gulf Coast restoration and energy policy reform in response to the BP Oil Spill; helping the City of San Bruno to go green in recovering from the natural gas pipeline emergency; and working with the rustbelt City of Youngstown, Ohio, to map out a green future in its economic recovery. Then there's our work in resource recovery, recycling, and waste reduction, ranging from safely mitigating the effects of material from weapons of mass destruction and nuclear energy, to new approaches to food service take-out paper waste.

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