Energy Futures: Nuclear Power, Global Warming, and Nonproliferation



[In collaboration with EARTHWORKS™]

 Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Dr. Paul F. Walker, Global Green USA

Legal Aspects of Uranium Mining

Geoffrey Fettus, Natural Resources Defense Council

EPA and Government Role in Uranium Mining

Loren Setlow, Environmental Protection Agency (Retired)

Uranium Mining Legacy Issues and Current Threats

Lauren Pagel, EARTHWORKS

International Uranium Mining

Caitlin Doughty and Marina Voronova-Abrams, Global Green USA

The Global Green USA Security and Sustainability Program is launching a Seminar Series titled “Energy Futures: Nuclear Power, Global Warming, and Nonproliferation.”  As lobbying by the nuclear industry increases in the United States and Washington DC and the press posits a “nuclear renaissance” for commercial nuclear power, it is important that the environmental, economic, and security aspects of nuclear power be closely and objectively examined and more fully understood. 

The upcoming roundtables will focus on the nuclear fuel cycle from uranium mining, to uranium enrichment and nuclear fuel production, and finally spent fuel storage and the reprocessing of fuel rods.  In addition, we will explore the economics and terrorist risks of nuclear power.  Throughout these topics, we will consider the implications for global warming and for nuclear proliferation. Click HERE for video from the event.

The Future of Nuclear Energy: Chernobyl and Fukushima 

Friday, April 1, 2011
Three Russian experts with firsthand experience of the Chernobyl reactor tragedy, and other Russian radiological disasters, have arrived in the U.S. for the start of a pre-arranged informational tour organized by Beyond Nuclear. The talk will be on the ongoing impact of the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe and the implications for the nuclear disaster in Japan.

Natalia Manzurova is a survivor, involved directly in the Chernobyl “liquidation” process for five years.  She currently advocates for the rights of victims of radiation exposure internationally.

Dr. Nataliya Mironova, a prominent leader of the anti-nuclear movement in Russia, is available to share lessons learned from Chernobyl and how we can apply them to environmental, human rights, and peace advocacy today. 

Tatiana Muchamedyarova is an outspoken voice in bringing attention to the consequences of nuclear accidents in her native region of Chelyabinsk, including a 1957 radioactive waste explosion considered one of the worst – albeit lesser known – nuclear catastrophes in human history, contaminating an entire region with hazardous radioactivity.

Global Green USA, headquartered in Santa Monica, California, is the US affiliate of Green Cross International founded by Mikhail Gorbachev in 1993.  The “Security and Sustainability Program” (known formerly as the “Legacy of the Cold War Program”) is an international partnership with Green Cross Switzerland and Green Cross Russia to facilitate the safe and timely elimination of weapons stockpiles and related systems globally and to promote international nonproliferation efforts. 

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