Jason Lewis, Josie Maran, Mayor Gavin Newsom, Michelle Branch gather to support Global Green USA’s efforts to rebuild a sustainable New Orleans and advance green schools and affordable housing throughout California.

San Francisco, CA - Dec. 18th - Global Green USA celebrated their 3rd Annual San Francisco Benefit Party on Tuesday, December 18, 2007. Held at San Francisco’s LEED certified Bently Reserve, the event focused on green design solutions to combat climate change and other environmental issues. Proceeds from the evening benefited Global Green’s projects, including their Green Schools Initiative and the Holy Cross project, the first sustainable low-income housing community in New Orleans’s Lower 9th Ward.

“Whether it is parts of San Francisco or New Orleans, our American cities are at increasing risk from climate change. These cities are leading the way in fighting global warming through sustainable design, green building and other climate action,” said Matt Petersen, President and CEO of Global Green USA. “The question is, will we let rising sea levels and increasing weather severity destroy our cities and neighborhoods, or will we act in time?

Special celebrity guests in attendance included Jason Lewis, Josie Maran, Deepak Chopra, Jason Behr, Michelle Branch and Johnny Moseley, as well as Mayor Gavin Newsom. The event, entitled “Gorgeous and Green”, included a VIP dinner catered by one of San Francisco’s premiere chefs, Joseph Humphrey. It also featured an eco-chic fashion show with unique creations by Pierre Andre Senizergues, Bahar Shahpar, Kelly B., Lara Miller, Margaret O'Leary, Del Forte Denim, William Good, Cari Borja, Linda Loudermilk and Eco Citizen, an eco-chic boutique in San Francisco showing CIEL, Turk+Taylor, and Sara Shepherd.

Global Green chose Sillapere for the second year as head of event design. Sillapere is a green focused international design lab with offices in San Francisco and Los Angeles that has been recognized by many as the leader for innovative green design concepts. Nicole Sillapere, the company's creative leader, used a wide variety of eco savvy design techniques for Global Green's event, proving that green can truly be gorgeous.

The proceeds from Gorgeous and Green will allow Global Green USA to continue and expand important work, such as:

California Green Schools Initiative. Funds will help keep in place the $100 million in incentives for green schools. Global Green single handedly secured and created additional incentives and requirements in the ‘08 school bond measure, advanced our “Climate Solutions for Communities” initiative in the AB 32 implementation (empowering affordable housing, schools, etc. to be part of solving global warming and strengthen our inner cities), AND prepared for our Carbon Neutral Buildings bill we introduced in the state legislature.

The Green Rebuilding of New Orleans. To create green, high performance schools (we’ve completed 2 of our 5 green seed energy efficient schools, and begun work on our 2 showcase schools); complete our Holy Cross project, the first sustainable low-income housing community in the Lower 9th Ward; pioneer the use of river turbines on the Mississippi River, and launch our “Sustainable Design and Climate Action center” to not only help rebuild New Orleans but to ‘draw a line in the sand’ with global warming – the Crescent City will be the first victim to sea level rise in the US if we don’t cut GHGs significantly.

Global Green USA, the American affiliate of President Gorbachev's Green Cross International, was founded by Diane Meyer Simon in 1993. Global Green has been a national leader in championing smart solutions to climate change for more than a decade. Most recently Global Green has battled climate change in New Orleans – the first American city ravaged by climate change's impacts – by launching an innovative strategy to rebuild the city green.