Global Green USA Selling Green, Affordable Homes in Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans

Also Announcing Plans to Break Ground on Community Development & Climate Action Center

JUNE 19, 2012 - Global Green USA, an environmental nonprofit headquartered in Southern California, with offices New Orleans, has placed four LEED Platinum, single-family homes on the market in New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward. These homes are the result of a design competition led by Matt Petersen and Brad Pitt in 2006, in which more than 125 entries designs were submitted for a net-zero-energy affordable housing and community center development in the Holy Cross neighborhood. The homes have been called “21st Century Shotgun Houses” for their nod to the city’s traditional housing stock with a modern redesign emphasizing efficiency, resilience, and functionality. 

Matt Petersen, Global Green USA's President and CEO, said, “Our goal is to have all the homes sold and occupied by the end of the summer. We are looking forward to helping families return to their old neighborhood, returning the area to its former vibrancy with the extra benefit of sustainable infrastructure.” 

Two single-story homes with two bedrooms and one bath are selling for $110,000, and two two-story homes with two bedrooms and two baths are selling for $130,000, all located on Andry Street by the river in the Holy Cross neighborhood. Global Green is welcoming all offers, but reserves the right to require buyers to be at 80-100% average median income and additionally grants preference to past or present residents of the Lower 9th Ward and/or teachers, community organizers, first responders, or nonprofit employees in New Orleans. 

Green features of the homes, which are 80% more energy-efficient than standard-built house, include: solar panels; ENERGY STAR lights, fans, and appliances; water-efficient plumbing fixtures; superior indoor air quality; and durable building materials that are environmentally friendly and highly storm-resistant. 

The homes are the first part of a larger development that includes rain gardens and public space and a Community Development and Climate Action Center (CDCAC), to break ground in July. The center will include Global Green’s offices, a visitor’s center, ATM, corner store/fresh food vendor, community meeting space, and passive survivability features (for first responders in case of future storms). 

The CDCAC is designed to serve dual and complementary purposes as an international “Center of Excellence” for mitigating climate change in coastal communities while addressing the needs and preferences of local residents and visitors by providing space and essential services. Global Green released a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the fresh food vendor to be located in the CDCAC. The desired vendor will offer fresh produce and healthy prepared foods. Global Green will accept submissions to the RFP until an appropriate vendor has been identified. Please contact Michelle Pyne for more information or to request an RFP at 504.525.2121 or [email protected]

Global Green plans to build a multi-family building with 18 affordable apartments when sufficient funding is in place. Upon completion of all three phases of the Holy Cross Project, this internationally renowned, model village will house 23 families in LEED Platinum residences, and act as a catalyst for sustainability in the neighborhood – and at the local and national level.


For more than a decade, Global Green has collaborated with the Hollywood community to raise global awareness of Smart Climate Solutions -- from building green homes and schools to buying green products and voting for green political leaders. Global Green is the only national environmental group headquartered in Southern California and has offices in New Orleans, New York City and Washington, D.C. For more information, please visit