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Compost Program Now Available for Santa Monica Apartments Buildings!

Global Green is working with the City of Santa Monica to roll out food scrap/ organics collection service, starting with the first 10 buildings to sign up this year!

Organics collection is offered at no extra cost in the City of Santa Monica, and we at Global Green are offering free technical assistance in the forms of free kitchen food scrap pails for individual units, as well as educational materials, outreach and program implementation assistance. Santa Monica multi-family buildings participating in this program will be some of the first to do so in the City, leading the charge in this endeavor. 
Please contact us to join as one of the first multi-family unit buildings with 10 or more units to pilot a food waste reduction and diversion program. As a part of the program, Global Green is conducting waste audits to measure diversion rates over time, as well as experimenting with different outreach strategies in order to determine the most effective ways of implementation, and finally, how to make these programs sustainable. 

Global Green is recruiting Eco-Ambassador Champions to help their buildings sign up to the program, and also to support the program once its in place. 

The long-term goal of this program is to create a model for food scrap collection in multi-family buildings which can be shared with other properties, property management companies, and also at state and national levels.